Will's Journey (Angels Of The Appalachians) (Volume 3) Deanna Edens




Will's Journey (Angels of the Appalachians) (Volume 3)
by Deanna Edens
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When Annie, a recent college graduate, moves into an old farmhouse up Black Hollow Road, she develops a friendship with an elderly man named Will. As they prepare for an upcoming celebration, Will shares significant stories about his life that transports Annie on adventures that encompass historical events such as surviving the Elkhorn Flood of 1901, being stranded with the Lost Battalion in the Argonne Forest, witnessing the collapse of the Silver Bridge, and the tradegy that forever changed Marshall University. Tales from the past and from the present are woven together to ultimately offer readers a compelling picture of life in West Virginia, including occasional visits from the heavenly realm. Will's Journey (Angels of the Appalachians Book 3) renews the stories of Annie, Will, Erma, Pearl, and of course, Hank. If you enjoyed Angels of the Appalachians or Erma's Attic, you are invited to explore this story that spans across decades. If you haven't read the other books, don't fret, because you will still find yourself wishing to call on the fine folks of the Appalachian Mountains to meet some of the angels who live there. It's time to kick off your shoes, relax for a spell, and meet the fine folks who make West Virginia so gloriously wild and wonderful.




















Will's Journey (Angels of the Appalachians) (Volume 3) Deanna Edens

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Will's Journey (Angels of the Appalachians) (Volume 3)

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All in all, a very good readOn OctShe has wonderful values and her Cherokee wisdom of respecting the land is inspiringWhat is it that drives a man to seek thisadventure, to search for something grand outside of himself, to challenge beyond the limitations that the mind has set? A year ago today, I would not have believed a time traveler telling me that I would be on the precipice of an incredible journeyI enjoyed the new journey that Bess and her husband took and am looking forward to the third book in the series to see how the journey continues


Hiking the trail out of sequence adds flexibilityThe inclusion of George and Sadie's family was a very important part of the storyIt will be an experience we will never forget2 which is in regards to the apostasy in the Adventist Church and Knolls repentanceBopper, Lebron, ZZ Top, Prickly Pear, TBear, and Bongo(soul support) This is the group thats going to keep my mind right and my eyes where they need to be"When the day of Pentecost was fully come," and the disciples were "all with one accord in one place," filled with the Holy Ghost, "Peter standing up with the eleven," quoted the above scripture from the prophesy of JoelBessie gets married in this story and moves away from her family deeper into the mountains* + = Wrong number Please note: Your testimonial will be moderated before being publishedI really enjoy the mountain sayings beginning each chapter 171bf2437f

Deanna Edens


She is married to her high school sweetheart and works as a... Emily Dickinson; Elementaryto Wilmette Avenue, east of the Edens Expressway, also ..

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